Our delivery terms

  • The transport of the package

You will receive the pallets with the material within 2 to 3 days after receipt of payment.
Usually these pallets have a measure of 2.55 meters wide and 1.86 meters long. Their weight can range between 100 kg and more than 1,000 kg depending on the amount and requested material. As a guide:
WEIGHTS plates 2550 x 1860mm
A 3mm plate weighs 19.2Kg.
A 6mm plate weighs 38.4Kg.
A 8 mm plate weight 51.2Kg.
A 10mm plate weight 64.0 kg.
A 13mm plate weight 83.0 kg.

The pallet carrier has no means to download the pallet truck. It is your responsibility to download. Shipping charges include packaging, shipping and handling up to 50km from the main city of the province or terminal carrier closer to the destination. Does not include transportation to remote areas such as roads, forest tracks, paths etc.
In case of difficulties roads, roads forest roads, paths etc. At the discretion of the carrier to decide if delivered to the address indicated in the terminal or the carrier closer to the destination. That being the case, the cost of transport between the terminal carrier and the alternative destination or not, is not included in the price.
The pallets are not returnable.

If destinations unreachable by our carriers. Send us an e-mail to info@hplstore.com with your data, material requested and destination of the package so that we can propose various options for shipping.


  • Transportation outside Spain:

Size does matter

The pallet conveyor of this size outside Spain is slower and more expensive.

For example:

Sending a 200 kg pallet weight 2550mm_x_1860mm_x_100mm of a major city in Germany costs about 250 € (october 2013)

It is much cheaper the same material cut and palletized on a pallet of smaller sizes.

In these cases, we can manufacture custom pallets of parts for cheaper transport.

We do not have a fee for deliveries outside Spain but we can offer you a ticket once we know the size and weight of the pieces to be cut or machined.



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